28 03 13

One of my fellow and his artist collective called "FIOULE" organized a 100 hands story project. Each participant has to make an illustration about one year of the life of a character called Alex, from his birth to his 100th birthday and death...

This story begins here.


Exquisite Corpse

26 02 13

17 employees of the Ankama animation studio have taken part to this animated “exquisite corpse”. No theme, no rules, just 266 frames to express themselves.

Let's have a look on vimeo!




21 11 12

Hello everyone, it's been a while since last time... I'd like to annonce a video game release. It's a friend's project, called Fl'yn. I made a gentle piece of work for the bonus part of the game, take a look here. I hope you will enjoy this game! You can buy it for 10€ on Steam. Christmas is coming.. I think a demo of the game will be released soon. See the F'lyn Steam page.


SketchCrawl in Lille

16 10 10

Some of my sketches of this day of drawing can be found here. And if you don't know SketchCrawl yet, check out the official website, don't miss the official SketchCraw of Lille. Enjoy!



Pin' Up contest

17 12 09

I took part in an illustration contest, organized by a canvas printer site called "kung-fu-fightingon". This was based on the Pin Up theme.



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